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makesense inspires and empowers citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build an inclusive and sustainable society together.

_how it started

In 2010, a bunch of young people wanted to put their skills to work wherever they could help social entrepreneurs make a difference. Very quickly these citizens of the world started to connect to other citizens. They all shared the same desire to help innovative entrepreneurs solve social and environmental issues by sharing their knowledge and continuing to learn along the way. makesense was born!

And with thousands of citizens and social entrepreneurs engaged across the world to build local solutions for the most pressing issues of our times, a community was born!

The collaboration with governments, local authorities and companies was an important ingredient of the recipe. It allowed us to scale up the best solutions to have a true and significative positive impact.

Today, the journey continues. makesense is a vibrant, ever-expanding and horizontal ecosystem of citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations both public or private.

End of 2018, makesense is run by a team of 80 people based in 7 cities:
Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Beirut, Lima and Abidjan.

An open environment where citizens can learn and take action to solve social issues.

makesense is a playground with a purpose: we offer a chance to get involved and to make a real difference to the world by working on issues that citizens really care about with other people who share the same passion.

What can they bring to the table? Do something different and unlock the power of their creativity, their problem-solving ability and their own experience for a good cause.

Discover, get inspired, and learn new skills in a stimulating and sociable environment that takes an entrepreneurial approach to social and environmental questions.

Get to know and collaborate with like-minded people from their own community and become part of a worldwide network of passionate individuals and organizations.

The journey to increase impact.

makesense is also a worldwide community of passionate entrepreneurs. We offer them tailored support to help achieve their goals by activating our community and finding the right actors, collaborators and mentors to boost their project.

We offer support from the beginning.

We help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get their new projects off the ground – a laboratory that lets them kickstart, scale-up and electrify projects to the next level. We provide the space and resources to incubate, fine-tune and maximize ideas, concepts and strategies, and to make them a reality. makesense’s fast-paced workshops and events can set of new chain reactions and get things moving by blowing challenges wide open and serving up new and original solutions.

Leverage the power of people to engage and transform organizations.

We aim to empower employees to transform and reinvent their organizations from within and to ensure they are adapted to the challenges the world is facing today and tomorrow.

Where do we start to have a positive impact? People and organizations need a sense of purpose if we want them to engage, change and move in the right direction.

At makesense, we have developed different programs over the years to help organizations to find their purpose in different areas whether it is a question of internal organization and culture, giving back to society by supporting initiatives or driving the change within organizations’ ecosystem.

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