Written by Antoine Delaunay

How technology can impact refugees lives positively? How can it help them communicate with their family, find a home, a job, empower and integrate themselves in their new country? These are some of the questions that innovative tech and social businesses will try to answer during the first TechFugees Summit taking place in Paris this Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th. MakeSense STORiES selected 10 inspiring projects:


1# RefuComm

refucomm refugees social business

An organization that works with the UN, Greek Asylum Service and other key actors in the country to help get vital yet absent information to refugees. How? They check dates, laws, and rumors to produce, translate and distribute accurate information for refugees. The information provided is focused on the bureaucratic processes in Greece – from asylum in Greece to family reunification and relocation, support for unaccompanied minors and vulnerable people to appealing against negative decisions. (Germany)


2# BuffaloGrid

buffalogrid social business makesense

As a refugee, one of the main issue is to be able to communicate with your family and relatives. That means a functional smartphone connected to the Internet. BuffaloGrid powers mobile phones through solar-powered, internet-connected system that can provide both energy and internet to remote places, such as refugee camps. (UK)


3# TikkTalk

tikktalk social business

After fleeing war or poverty, refugees and migrants must often cope with another problem: being in an unfamiliar place while surrounded by a new culture and language, which presents an unfortunately high barrier to the fulfillment of their basic needs. Miscommunication between refugees and officials such as medical professionals or the police are sadly all too common. TikkTalk is an online platform that ease the process of finding talented interpreters to help businesses and government authorities communicate with the diverse languages and help them avoid miscommunication with refugees or migrants.


#4 Habibi.Works

habibi works

Habibi.works is a community that organized FabLab (skills workshop) in Greece, near Katsikas where refugees can get active and creative, teach others, learn and do something meaningful but also manufacture objects which improve their living conditions in the camp. It also involves Greek citizens to improve the refugees understanding of their situation.


#5 The Unmentionables

The items and services provided by the Unmentionables include undergarments, feminine and intimate hygiene products, sexual health products, and family-planning related education. These products and programs have the ability to empower and protect refugees from disease, infection, sexual and gender-based violence, and help provide confidence to to engage in community life.

#6 NaTakallam

natakallam social business makesense

Even the refugees who manage to flee the violence struggle to formally resettle and find work opportunities, challenged by language barriers and labor restrictions. NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) connects refugees with Arabic learners around the world for online language practice. Located around the world, NaTakallam offers them an enriching income source. Along the way, users and their conversation partners engage in a powerful intercultural exchange, developing friendships between worlds that are polarized in the media and political spheres. (Denmark)


#7 Diwala

DIWALA social business makesense

Diwala is a decentralized digital economy platform built on blockchain technology.  The platform will provide tokens (digital currency) to it’s ecosystem which will not be available for trading outside the refugee world, as for now. This will create a better controlled market and provide a valuable function to the Diwala Ecosystem. The refugees will build up an identity through their transactions, which is stored safely on the blockchain ledger. It is not possible to go and erase others or your own story, which is an essential part of the blockchain. This will give incentives to the refugees to live a life while they are in the refugee camps. Every transaction can be showcased and validated by others that buy their services or products. (Norway)

#8 WeTipp

An online platform mapping skills and matching refugees with families able to host them (Italy).

#9  CodersTrust

  1. An education/skills training sponsorship platform providing online courses (Denmark).

#10 IpsoContext

A psychological online counselling for war torn countries (Germany).



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