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The energy transition isn’t the easiest subject to popularize. Annual reports? Complex. Leading articles? You’ll end up with a headache. This is why many podcasters and radio broadcasters have decided to seize the audio channel to dissect this phenomenon and give us the keys to the energy transition directly through our ears. Whether you are a curious mind straying on the internets or an inveterate expert, no doubt you’ll find your happiness in this selection.

Energies for Climate is a community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations passionate and committed to the energy transition theme.

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This program was created by MakeSense in partnership with EDF, at our side during this MakeSense Room to kick off the mobilization.

#1The Energy Transition Show


A reference in the field. Counting already up to 66 episodes, it treats almost every aspect of the energy transition, from consumer awareness to the most technical parts, such as the operation of a solar panel. It also explores more prospective aspects such as the realism of a transition to 100% renewable. Depending on the theme, specialists are invited and meet with the benighted animator Chris Nelder.

Who’s it for? Those who want to know everything about the energy transition, from A to Z.

#2 Green Energy Expert


David Dodge interspersed his narration with expert interventions of deeper explanation. 4-minutes of pure wit that go straight to the point: learning the ten tips to reduce your energy consumption or how you can make energy with corn. More than 187 episodes are available, and sweep away the issues related to the circular economy. One of the last episodes deals with the 10 major trends that will influence the energy transition while another gives very concrete examples, such as the idea of ​​using the waste of an ethanol plant to make heat in a greenhouse: “How to grow tomatoes with waste?”. Each episode is published with a documented article with technical diagrams and tracks to go further.

Who’s it for? Experts or curious minds, there is something for everyone. In any case the episodes only last 4 minutes, so why not try?

#3 The Energy Gang


This podcast is a talk led by three complementary specialists: a futurist, an expert on energy policies, and a publisher specialized in greentech. The formal tone is studded with a few jokes. These three Americans focus their studies on the geopolitical situation and the current state of the American energy market.

Who’s it for? Better have some basics on energy to hang on to this one, especially when they’re debating about the energy policy measures concerning some obscure regions of the US.

#4 The Energy Gov



Although it’s a podcast pushed by the government, we’re far from the expected institutional tone. The stories’ narratives are inspired by American Life with a slightly ironic voice-over. It mentions the individual stories that are universally understood, so that all can identify with the energy issues, sometimes far removed from the citizen. Such as the story of this young woman who wants to install a solar panel on her roof or Paul and Simon who invent the future of “cool” with technologies based on air conditioning or custom robots.

Who’s it for? Those who think that energy should be made as concrete as possible for all, by embodying within individual paths.

#5 Columbia Energy Exchange



This weekly podcast hosted by Columbia University is a conversation between top international energy experts and a host. The themes? The stakes of energy in the USA and in the world, the electrification of the transport sector, the future of energy in China… A must for the most advanced on the subject.

Who’s it for? People who know the energy mix of Portugal of 1987 by heart.


This article was written for the Energies for Climate mobilisation. A program in partnership with EDF.

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