Written by Aurore

Reading an Energy report ? Well this can be more boring and harder to understand than exciting sometimes… 

Good for us ! Some very smart fellows made the effort to synthesize these reports to put all the key informations and concepts down into infographics. Isn’t it the best way to memorize important datas ?

makesense selected for you numerous infographics concerning the access to energy. Watch out for your fingers, you may be having a cramp because of scrolling ! But it’s worth it, we swear !

Energies for Climate is a community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations passionate and committed to the energy transition theme.

Join us and discover all our resources and methodologies that will help you take action to meet this challenge.

How? By identifying and supporting high-impact projects, creating content to give them value and organizing events!

This program was created by MakeSense in partnership with EDF, at our side during this MakeSense Room to kick off the mobilization.

#1 Understanding the access to energy around the world

Source : The Guardian

#2 A super efficient energy house

Source : Inhabitat

#3 How much energy does it take to power a light bulb for a year ?

Source : GOOD

#4 Promising methods that use water as an energy source ?

Source : Energy Gov

#5 Energy efficiency and sustainable buildings

Source : @Siemens

#6 How to avoid overheating ?

Par ici !

#7 The French are ready to invest into renewable energies in 2018

Source : www.wedemain.fr

This article was written for the Energies for Climate mobilisation. A program in partnership with EDF.

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