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Travelling around the world and exploring other cultures is great.

Travelling around the world find inspiration for solutions that accelerate the energy transition is not bad either.

Here are 7 sense tours (aka ” solidarity world tour”) who got the idea:

Energies for Climate is a community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations passionate and committed to the energy transition theme.

Join us and discover all our resources and methodologies that will help you take action to meet this challenge.

How? By identifying and supporting high-impact projects, creating content to give them value and organizing events!

This program was created by MakeSense in partnership with EDF, at our side during this MakeSense Room to kick off the mobilization.

#1 SunPedal Ride

New Delhi, India’s capital, is the world’s most polluted city. In 15 years, in India, the number of deaths related to air pollution increased by 50% to reach nearly 1.1 million people in 2015. So in 2016, Sushil Pakala Reddy embarked on a crazy adventure: The SunPedal Ride, a 7000-kilometer journey throughout India, on a solar bike he built himself.

Beyond the bike trip, Sushil wanted above all to promote solar energy and electric vehicles and to provoke discussions and awareness, allowing public events and debates to take place all over the country. Including in the most remote countryside.

#2 Tour of possibilities

Chauffe eau low-tech – Brésil

Dernière vidéo du Tour des Possibles, sur un chauffe eau solaire low tech découvert au Brésil ! Très efficace, et facile à réaliser pour seulement une dizaine d'euros.

Posted by Le Tour des Possibles on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2 engineering students travelled through 9 countries, 4 continents, and 57 000 km to discover dozens of citizen initiatives on energy. The Tour of Possibilities is Paul Cimetière and Thibaut Buessler taking their backpack to conduct a study on behavioural and technical alternative modes of energy production and consumption, at a local level. During their journey, they went to meet the citizens who developed innovative ideas concerning the production and consumption of energy locally. They made videos to put them forward, and into the bargain work on a web documentary, online soon!

#3 Plastic Odyssey

L'équipe de l'expédition PLASTIC ODYSSEY dévoile son programme 2018 !

[ PROGRAMME 2018 ] 🎬 📢Et les voeux de l'équipe #PlasticOdyssey, c'est par ici !! 👇Voici ce que nous vous réservons pour cette nouvelle année :1⃣ Construire le premier bateau capable d'avancer uniquement grâce à des déchets plastiques transformés en énergie 2⃣ Lancer des études de terrain afin de mieux connaître la gestion des déchets plastiques en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique du Sud3⃣ Partager avec vous l'avancée du projet Plastic OdysseySuivez de près nos aventures dans les prochaines semaines sur notre page Plastic Odyssey !!#PollutionMarine #Environnement #Année2018

Posted by Plastic Odyssey on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Plastic Odyssey is the first worldwide expedition on a boat propelled by plastic waste. The project is driven by Simon Bernard, Alexandre Dechelotte, Benjamin Molliens and Bob Vrignaud. The goal is to create a true plastic recycling boat ambassador, with a ship that will be equipped with a workshop to test and develop many open-source machines.

The expedition will also be an opportunity to confront the realities of the field and adapt solutions to local needs.

Departure is expected in 2020 for 3 years of shipping on the coastal areas most affected by plastic pollution. The main goal is to demonstrate that plastic waste is a resource that should not be dumped into the oceans

#4 The CleanTech Initiatives

The Cleantech Initiative – Sustainable rural agriculture (Guest: Compadre)

Check out our new video about how cleantech help solve rural agriculture issues!As a guest: Compadre, a very innovative start-up located in Peru which empowers local farms with technology.Compadre photos credit: Diana ArtetaSoundtrack: Toriton – Satoshi Fumi

Posted by The Cleantech Initiative on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

This project initiated was by Maxime and Noélie, two young people looking for meaning and discoveries. They decided to focus their world tour on the discovery of cleantech.

CleanTech are the technologies, products and services that enable us to reduce the negative environmental impact of human activities through a combination of less energy-consuming processes, sparing resources and environmental preservation. They plan to talk about their projects through inspirational articles showing the actors who are working for a cleaner world

#5 2PE

Posted by Projet 2PE on Friday, December 1, 2017

Currently on the road, the two students from the National School of Energy, Water and Environment (Grenoble INP ENSE3, France), Léo Tesnier, who specializes in energy saving and Julien Ferry who is specialized in hydraulics, have set up the 2PE project.

Their goal? Understanding how energy is managed and exploited around the world by observing the means that citizens have in 6 different countries – France, Australia, China, India, Morocco and Iceland, – to produce energy at their scale or their efforts to take into account their opinions.

Their discoveries will be edited into a documentary film gathering the interviews of various actors met during their journey. Meanwhile, they are conducting an education project to raise awareness among three primary schools. Young students ask questions to the actors of the films made during the tour. All the answers will form a second documentary more popular and accessible to the general public.

#6 Sense tour Energies for Climate

Afrika Mandela Ranch

[Coup de Coeur] Nouvelle rencontre magique avec Aaisha Sylla Caap à l'Afrika Mandela Ranch 🎥🌍🌳🍈C'est : une ferme agroécologique, un système d'irrigation solaire, des toits en chaume de Typha, deux écoles, une bibliothèque … Beaucoup beaucoup de belles énergies. Trop pour tout raconter en 2 minutes. Affaire à suivre. Partagez la vidéo 🐏Merciii 🐏Synergie Solaire Labaly ToureToure Aminata K. Sall

Posted by Energies for Climate on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Olivier Sabatier, a young reporter, is currently on the road to cover solutions that accelerate the energy transition in six countries (Senegal, Philippines, India, the Netherlands, Mexico and France). The specificities for his future 6-episodes documentary? Selecting projects that put local communities at the heart of their approach and often have a social impact.

The best way to understand Olivier’s tour is still to join the Energies for Climate community and his Instagram account and discover his backstage videos.

#7 Les Vagabonds de l’énergie

François GLAIZOT and Clément BRESCIANI go around the world making the following observation: our global challenge lies in changing our relationship to energy through our choices and daily behaviour. It’s an approach of original energy because it focuses on the sociology of production and energy consumption depending on the context.

To show their results and showcase the projects that interest them, they intend to make a documentary that we look forward to watching.

This article was written for the Energies for Climate mobilisation. A program in partnership with EDF.

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