Written by Sense Reporter

This Room full of art introduced the Food Waste issue with sequences of the documentary “TASTE THE WASTE” .

Between Hunger and Surplus: “If we reduce food loss and waste to zero it would give us additional food to feed 2 billion people”.

The questions are: “How can we contribute to reduce food waste? And how can innovative and local solutions contribute to shape sustainable food systems on a global level?”

Step into the Room with people like Valentin Thurn, a filmmaker and director of FoodSharingSebastian from ShareTheMeal (a United Nations World Food Programme) and Frederic from ugly fruits.

This Event is part of the #FoodAndTheCity Berlin month launched by MakeSense and the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network. This campaign is aimed at mobilizing people and highlight meaningful initiatives for the cause of sustainable consumption and food systems in urban culture. Find out more: germany.makesense.org/