Written by Sense Reporter

Back in April 2015, young Berliners launched the #Refugeemonth and mobilized over 500 people for the cause of refugees. Since then the issue has sadly gained momentum but what was created then helped communities and local actors to build stronger networks.

The closing event of the Berlin #Refugeemonth was this MKS Room which took place within the inspiring frames of Prachtwerk Berlin, featuring two great projects that fight for the integration of refugees in Berlin.

CUCULA project, which supports refugees to build their own professional design future, offers them education and support.

Flüchtlinge Wilkommen, a housing market matching volunteers and refugees in order to provide them with a place to stay.

The topic: The integration of refugees.
The question: What can be done?

The star of the night was also DJ Manzoo and Friends – who himself comes from a syrian imigrant family. He is seeking to settle in the Berlin music scene: there are many reasons to be very positive about his success. DJ Manzoo is a storyteller who uses his musical talent to express his experiences as a refugee, which began in Syria and continues here in Berlin.

Check out his music and support him here !