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A beautiful crowd gathered in the 8th of March at Zico’s House, a bar and a cultural hub in Beirut, in order to celebrate International Women’s Day, or as we renamed it : Women Empowerment Day.
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The room up there was packed. First time at Zico’s, and I was very impressed to visit this avant-garde temple of Sanayeh district. The atmosphere was hot, not only heated by the evening warmth coming back from the land, but by the beautiful music and incredible voice of Rami Tibi and Riwa Saab.

MKS Room Lebanon Women Empowerment

Women’s Day at Zico’s House , talking and singing about Women empowerment

Soon after the music, like it seems to be the case in all MKS Room, all participants gather in a circle, inside a bigger circle formed by us, the audience. The the debate started and I was blown away by the questions from the audience, revealing a very strong mindset and uncovering all taboos (a video of the show will soon be published).

The participants : Nayla Geagea, an Independent Legal Consultant and Lawyer, who shared with us about the legal barriers of women in Lebanon, and what is the only thing legally binding women to a status.

solutions for women empowerment exist, join the mobilization

Tabitha Ross, a photographer and writer part of The World at School global network, shared with us pictures of girls she met while on her trip to advocate education among girls.

Lama Diab was there as well. She’s the co-founder of Women 2 Women success, a catering company that employs underprivileged women as cooks and empowers them financially and improves their lifestyles.

Meeting, exchanging and learning from such inspiring women was a honour and if you’re in Beirut I would definitely encourage you to do the same. If those women are not being empowered, they definitely take it on their own, and for the greater good!

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MakeSense is launching a mobilization campaign for Women Empowerment, if you want to volunteer and help social entrepreneurs, social projects, or NGOs empowering women like Women 2 Women Success get in touch with elsa@makesense.org.

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