Written by Antoine Delaunay

7th November was the day when Future of Waste met Jérémie from the one and only “Famille Zero Déchet” with so many other absolutely inspiring ZeroWaste supporters and fans! And I can tell it was the day when the sun was shining brighter than ever before. It was so nice to see such a powerful community reunited at La Recyclerie in Paris.

To resume it in only a few words: Damn his talk was inspiring! For the newbies in ZeroWaste reading this article, here comes a little resume why you should definitely start this adventure:
It makes you live a healthier, happier and more sustainable life. Here is why:

We learned all about his journey to finally live a zero waste life and about his personal reasons to start with it. Once again we realized how waste is impacting our ecosystems, biodiversity, health and well-being. Guys we really have to stop producing so much unsustainable shit (sorry for the wording), consuming stuff no one needs and pretending to recycle! The consequences are too huge!

What we take from it is definitely that achieving a zero waste lifestyle is a work in progress, and we are talking about a long progress! We should give ourselves the time for change. Please be patient and take it slowly, changing our habits and our lifestyle is anything than simple. Even Jérémie needed years to get there, plus he wrote two books about it.

After his inspiring talk we wanted to know. More about what?! More about how to lift the ZeroWaste life to the next level, to a larger scale and to turn utopia into reality.

Future of Waste is an open community of people curious or passionate about obviously, the future of waste ! It gathers citizens, entrepreneurs, innovators and organisations engaged to find, support or create projects and solutions to better manage and transform our waste. This year our focus will be set on sustainable tourism and ZeroWaste events. So we are constantly on the search for tips and tricks to skyrocket our new campaign. Here comes what we could tease out from the very expert Jérémie to turn a big event into a zero waste success. Lean back and enjoy the journey.

#1 Do your own dishes


This goes in line with our moto “make friends not waste” and based on our experience: it indeed works great! People gather together, they line up to do the dishes and the mingle level explodes – happiness is pre-programmed!

#2 Local food providers


Order local alimentation and you “kill two birds with one stone”; it saves packaging, it saves CO² . No wait, we just realize you kill three birds with one stone; cause you also have a seasonal diet, so even more CO² saved AND your visitors eat healthier. What a great solution, thank you @Jérémie!

#3 Renewable energies


Have you ever heard about a DJ that asks their audience to produce their energy themselves by cycling and in the meanwhile listening to “la crème de la crème” of the new charts ? Or who only uses the power of the sun to play his stunning beats? Yes it does exist – worldwide! It was already detected in Germany, France and even in Brazil. We are sure you find one in your territory too!

Cooperating with energy cooperatives that spring up like mushrooms all over Europe is another great idea to circle your event.

#4 Dry toilets


Let the microbes work for us! Did you know that dry toilets do not only safe water but also smell like a mossy forest? From now on we will feel like on holidays while going to do peepee. And this is how it works: waste entering the toilets is over 90% water, and so it just evaporated in the atmosphere. The small amount of remaining solid material is converted to useful fertilizing soil by natural decomposition, while the microbes make sure that all viruses and pathogens are completely destroyed. All in all, a great way for us humans to reintegrate into the natural cycle.

#5 It is going to be hard


Yes we know Jérémie, but that’s why we want to do it. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandel. You did it, you live a ZeroWaste life and you mobilized more than 90.000 people. You can do it, so can we!

Few have already worked on this topic. Yet, only a small community is mobilized and still it is one of the biggest issues in the waste sector! Let’s explore, be creative and find the solutions of tomorrow for the problems of today. So to all the big events out there: Let’s not waste one more day and start right away!

About me :  Hello all! I am Janine and a community developer for Future of Waste. I am absolutely passionate about waste, because I think it is so interconnected to everything we do. I want to help to brush up the image we have about waste – it is a resource and not trash, so let’s be creative!
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