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A program to take concrete action in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

Want to join a dynamic community taking action during this period of confinement?

The re-action program by makesense will guide you to make an immediate impact. Upon signing up, you will be grouped with 10-15 people to inspire collective enthusiasm. makesense will provide the tools to assess your community needs and propose concrete ideas to help people the most vulnerable: homeless, seniors, and caregivers.

In week one, you will be accompanied by a makesense coordinator and advised by a partner association. Every day, you will receive content and challenges to inspire action.

After you hit the ground running, you can opt into community coordinator training and learn how to coach an incoming team – sparking accelerated change!

Taking action makes you optimistic, taking care of others makes you happy. So join us, from your sofa.

The next engagement opportunities

Help for caregivers

The program offers concrete action to support caregivers in your city. They are on the frontline of the crisis.

Support the homeless

The program offers concrete actions to help homeless people at the time of covid-19.

Connecting with our elders

A week-long program to maintain or bond with isolated seniors.

Support small farmers

A program to support local and/or organic agriculture by helping local markets thrive during covid19.

How does it work?


Register here for the program, choosing which of the four tracks (supporting health staff, supporting isolated senior citizens, supporting the homeless, supporting resilient food systems) that you’re most interested in.


You’ll receive an email soon after that outlines the program. This will also include an invitation for a kick-off call the following Monday.


Monday morning, adventure begins: you’ll receive a first email with more context on the cause you chose and you’ll be added to your cohort’s WhatsApp group!


During the day (or evening) Monday, we’ll officially kick-off the group dynamic with an online video call! We’ll talk more about how the week will work and you’ll get to know the other (awesome) people in your cohort!


From Tuesday to Thursday, you’ll receive an email each morning laying out your challenge(s) for the day – ways to take action and make a difference! You’ll also have a 30-minute group check-in call each day to share what you’ve achieved, where you might be stuck, etc.


Friday is closing time! We’ll celebrate (online) with all the re_action participants of the week. Well done!

They’re talking about re_action


What are the conditions to participate?

Who can volunteer? What skills do I need? Can I participate from anywhere in the US?


There is no one profile of a re_action volunteer. Everyone is welcome!

The proposed action items (your daily challenges) don’t require specific expertise or prior volunteer experience.  Our volunteers are between 6 and 60 years old, and live all over the country. Sometimes even abroad, seeing how global the COVID-19 crisis is.

All actions can be taken from your home, in full compliance with shelter-in-place rules. Everyone can take part!

Is there a selection process or is it enough to just be motivated?


There is no one profile of a re_action volunteer. Everyone is welcome!

There’s no selection process! The important thing is to be motivated and to be able to devote the time necessary (see more info below).

I can't leave my home, can I still be part of the program?


Absolutely! The daily challenges have all been designed so that you can carry them out while respecting shelter-in-place requirements!

This includes, for example, calling an isolated senior citizen in a retirement home for a friendly chat.

Do I have to have WhatsApp to participate in re_action?


Yes, our cohort discussions currently take place in WhatsApp groups. The app is free and easy to install. All the useful information here.

Why WhatsApp? Because, when we built the program, it’s the platform that most re_action program participants were already using everyday. We built this program leanly and quickly!

I’m a minor, can I participate in re_action?


Absolutely! We love to see young people getting involved!

However, your daily challenges will have to be carried out in the presence of a legal adult.
Why not convince a parent or other adult in the household to join the program, too? You’ll already be on your way to mobilizing others before even starting the program! 😉

Is it possible to participate from abroad? Or to invite friends who live abroad?


Yes, absolutely! English-speaking foreigners also join the program. They will just have to be available for all the calls (as time zones might be a challenge).

They can carry out actions in the country where they are, alongside non-profits present in their city. We’ve already received requests from Dakar, Mexico City and even Phnom Penh!

Sounds great! How can I sign up?

Where’s the registration link to participate?


Signing up is easy! Click here.

You then decide which of the four program tracks you’d like to join and click on “Details and Registration”. You’ll be redirected to a questionnaire that will further describe the types of challenges you’ll have in your track. If that all sounds good, you’ll officially sign up by sharing your contact information (email and phone number) and we’ll be in touch to welcome you to the program!

If you’re interested, you can read our personal data management charter here.

What are the deadlines to sign up for the following week?


You can sign up on a rolling basis for re_action because launch new cohorts every Monday! The best is to register before each Friday if you want to join the cohort launching the following Monday.

What is the expected time investment of volunteers?

If I am not available at the time listed for the calls, is it worth participating?


It depends! Ideally, we’ll ask you to not miss more than 2 of the online sessions – the strong group dynamic that gets built up during these calls is one of the most important aspects of this program!
But we understand that sometimes it happens. If so, we’ll ask you to be extra proactive in sharing your progress, challenges, and ideas in the WhatsApp group. This is important to keep the other participants informed and for everyone to be able to see the collective impact of your action!

Am I committing for just a week? More?


Only for one week (Monday to Friday).

Of course, you can decide to continue for several weeks if you enjoyed the experience! Participants will have the experience to become Mobilizers in the following weeks (more info below). Being a Mobilizer, meaning that you’ll lead a cohort yourself, is an incredible way to increase your impact!

Is it possible to join different re_action programs in the same week?


No, you can’t join several programs in the same week. You’ll commit to a track during the course of the week and will participate in the online calls with your group every day. If you want to get involved in another cause, you can re-register the following week!

What actually happens during the program?

The program


Each week, we offer 4 different tracks of the program

•Supporting isolated senior citizens
Supporting health staff
Supporting the homeless
Supporting resilient food systems

Other tracks are also under design with our on-the-grounds expertise partners!

By selecting a track, you’ll be added to a group of up to 15 volunteers who committed to the same topic. From Monday to Friday, you’ll receive a daily email with different challenges to perform (ways to make a difference and help your selected group). You’re free to carry out, or not, all of the action items according to your availability.  

Each day, you’ll participate in a call (about 30 minutes) with your group of volunteers to share about your progress, your challenges, and your ideas! These calls are always full of energy and positive vibes ✌️

Can all the daily challenges be done remotely?


Of course! All the actions of the re_action program have been thought out, in collaboration with expert partner organizations and designed to be carried out in compliance with shelter-in-place rules. 

Everything (other than potentially going to a shop if you so choose) can be done from your home.

But that doesn’t mean everything’s just digital, either…! You’ll be having conversations and in touch with real people (that’s what makes it fun!) 😄

How long will the challenges take each day?


You can go at your own pace! Certain ones take 10 minutes and others could take up to several hours!

For example: Sharing some information on organic agriculture to your friends via email: 5 minutes; Calling an isolated senior citizen to chat: 20 minutes or several hours if you feel like it! 

You’re free to choose how much time you spend. 

Nothing is mandatory! If some ideas seem difficult (or wouldn’t be possible) for you, no worries. And if you really enjoy some of the challenges, you can of course repeat them!

How do I know what the daily challenges are? Can we suggest new ones?


Every day, you’ll receive helpful content and ideas for practical action. Both the content and the challenges have been designed with expert partner organizations. All these actions can be taken from where you are, while respecting shelter-in-place rules. 

If you have other ideas, share them with your group! They’re always welcome.

Are the people in my cohort all from the same region or state?


Not necessarily. You’ll be able to share different examples and ideas with each other!

Being a Mobilizer for the Program

If I want to become a Mobilizer, could would makesense help me?


Hooray! We’re glad you’re interested! We’ll be sure to train you ahead of time on:

makesense: the history of the organization, our theory of change, our vision, our definition of community … 

Being a Mobilizer: how to encourage and support participants, how to mobilize around you, etc.

Facilitation: how to facilitate an online session, group facilitation techniques, etc.

And you’ll have constant support available from the makesense team.

👉 To apply in just 5 minutes: https://bit.ly/reactions-mob

What’s the role of a Mobilizer?


Mobilizers’ main roles are to keep participants motivated and help them take action (follow their daily challenges). You’ll facilitate the discussions and connections between participants to develop a sense of belonging in your cohort. The goal is to make them want to share and get started together!

What’s in it for me?


You’ll make a difference: you are going to make it possible for citizens to very concretely help isolated or vulnerable populations;

You’ll develop useful skills: facilitation skills, mobilization skills and better familiarity with certain digital tools or resources .

You’ll be growing a massive movement of mutual support and solidarity!

What exactly am I committing to?


•1 hour / day throughout an entire week of coordination, or 5 hours.

•Participation in the launch session (Monday) and closing session (Friday) to start and end of the program.

•Participation in the training session on Friday (before you run your cohort, of course!)

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