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5 points to understand South African energy landscape

The Cape Town water crisis which has resulted in a threat of a “Day 0” has raised awareness of the South African population on the effects of climate change. In...

Post 31 May 2018

7 infographics to understand (almost) everything about the Energy Transition

Reading an Energy report ? Well this can be more boring and harder to understand than exciting sometimes…  Good for us ! Some very smart fellows made the effort to...

Post 28 May 2018

6 solar projects for “em”powerment

Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energies at the moment, even though in 2015 it came up to only 0.7% of the world’s energy production. Its growth...

Post 14 May 2018

5 podcasts that will teach you more about the Energy Transition

The energy transition isn’t the easiest subject to popularize. Annual reports? Complex. Leading articles? You’ll end up with a headache. This is why many podcasters and radio broadcasters have decided...

Post 9 May 2018

Top 5 Challenges that Brazil faces regarding electricity production and security

Brazil is a country with a really sunny and pleasant weather, plentiful fresh water, beautiful beaches and warm, friendly and diverse people. Through this description, when we think about electricity...

Post 2 May 2018

[senseshot] Using coffee waste to produce energy

Grab a black coffee, what a good way to start the day isn’t it ? But you probably don’t know that an espresso creates 25 grams of coffee waste… This...

Post 28 April 2018

7 Energy Challenges in Mexico

Mexico’s sombrero is becoming every time more sustainable. Placed in a privileged location that provides it with more sun power than most countries, highly favourable winds in its southern and...

Post 25 April 2018