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If everything sucks, and agroecology is so great, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

The world’s food supply depends on about 150 plant species whereas there are roughly a quarter million plant varieties available for agriculture. So less than 3 percent of these are in use today! Of those 150 in use, just 12 provide 75 % of the world’s food. More than half of the world’s food energy comes from a limited number of varieties of three “mega-crops”: rice, wheat, and maize. No need to mention that for our rising population, exploiting this potential can be key, and to keep our lands farmble, it is almost a necessity to change the way we work the ground.

Post 16 September 2016

–MKS Room– Foodies are haters (of food waste)

On the 18th of May 2016, the London MakeSense community gathered for another inspiring MKS Room (hybrid event format with talks and live music). The objective of this event was to understand how we are responsible for food waste and what we can do as individuals to help reduce it. We had the chance to discuss this hot topic with our special guest speakers: ► Martina Randles, Community Marketing Manager at OLIO, a free app that

Post 5 August 2016

Eyefocus : accelerating innovations for the eye

EyeFocus Accelerator is the world’s first innovation program for companies producing products for preventing, curing, and living with eye disease and blindness. Our reporter Laetitia had the chance to meet...

Post 7 July 2016

–MKS Room– Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and Jazz Music

Hello, I’m Julie Andersen and on the 18th of April 2016, I organised an MKS Room (hybrid event format with talks and live music) in Berlin on Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and the challenges they face as newcomers. This is a topic that I am personally very engaged in, as I volunteer a couple of times in a shelter for minors in Berlin, and grew very attached to a few of them. I became increasingly more interested in the topic while conducting interviews and research on the topic, and decided to throw a MKS Room.

Post 24 June 2016

HORiZONS – Waynak (Where are you?)

HORiZONS The first webseries that lets you discover and collaborate with social entrepreneurs in the Near East and Europe, currently developing short, middle and long term solutions to impact the...

Post 21 June 2016

Fungi, Bikes, 3D printing and Compost – Interview with Food entrepreneurs

They’re two young men full of ideas and beautiful projects, they stand up for Food Security, they bike and cook, they’re coming to the 16th of April MKS Room in Austin (Texas, USA) and they’re super hungry for questions… their name? Ryan Sansbury and Dustin Fedako

Post 14 April 2016

“The Calais Jungle, worse than slums I saw in the Philippines”. A report by Léa Klein

We left for the Calais Jungle an early Saturday morning of February, after drinking an amazing mint tea in Barbès (Paris). We didn’t know what to expect; we were only in...

Post 24 March 2016