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Once upon a time makesense

At the very beginning, there were only 2… The story of makesense began on a journey, on the roads of India. In 2010, Christian and Leila, two newly graduated friends, embarked on the adventure of social entrepreneurship by organizing their first ‘hold-up’, a new type of collaborative and constructive workshops.

Ten years later, the team has a hundred employees, thousands of volunteers and has sparked hundreds of thousands of actions around the world.

Let’s rewind!

makesense was born in 2010 of an idea: what if citizens could help entrepreneurs to develop their ecological and social projects? What if students could contribute to it?

This is how makesense’ ‘gangsters’ and ‘holdups’ appeared: a first meeting between the world of civil society, students and entrepreneurship.

Soon the community grew and expanded, but we felt there was a missing link if we wanted to go even bigger and farther. To do this, we had to get companies on board, help them change course, change from the inside. So we imagined commonsense, which has become the department working with organizations.

Then came senseschool, an educational branch to train students starting at the beginning of their studies.

And then we thought that if holdups were a first step for entrepreneurs, we could support them more in-depth. So we created the incubator (which in 2020 will welcome its 10th batch) for longer formats, and sprints, open to a wider public, for shorter formats.

Finally, we put the finishing touches to this entrepreneurial package by creating Seed I, our own seed fund, in 2019.

Recently, to leave no one behind, we have begun to approach the public sector: the State and local authorities who have the power to make many innovations possible in their areas.

In 10 years, we have managed to bring citizens, entrepreneurs and companies on board to solve the major issues facing our society… what will the next the decade bring? 

Discover our ambition Power of 10

10 years, 10 dates

At the beginning an idea…

“What if we allowed social entrepreneurs to find help, easily and efficiently, to deploy their solutions on a large scale? »

The idea is tested during a trip to Asia. The social entrepreneurs present their solutions and find help from committed and enthusiastic citizens who join them.

…Spreading around the world

Thanks to social networks and our open-source methodologies, communities of makesense members are created all over the world.

At the same time, action-inspiration programs are launched within companies.

Pedagogical and incubation activities are strengthened

makesense consolidates its expertise within schools and launches its social entrepreneurship incubator.

In 3 years, the makesense community has already mobilized more than 15,000 people to help 450 entrepreneurs around the world!

we create our playground…

The team expands and now includes 20 people full time.

We inaugurate sensespace, a place for social innovation which embodies the inclusive and sustainable society we aspire to.

…to be deployed in 5 countries

Volunteers are present in 100 cities around the world, and 5 countries host salaried teams to operate our educational and entrepreneurial programs: Mexico, Senegal, the Philippines, Lebanon and Peru.

We continue to act

In 6 years, the makesense community has already mobilized more than 60,000 people to help 1,000 entrepreneurs around the world!

makesense gets a new look

makesense prepares to grow thanks to a new identity, powerful digital tools and a new inclusive and innovative governance model.

For the occasion, makesense organizes a big festival in Paris with 2000 people aware of the issues as well as actors for change.

and continues on its path towards ever greater impact

makesense is diversifying its activities which assist entrepreneurs by launching its investment fund – makesense seed 1.

Let's go for a ride (online)

With the lockdown, makesense starts its own interactive TV in record time, launches ré_action, a citizen mobilization program to help on the frontlines all over the world. At the end of the year makesense celebrates its 10th anniversary!

makesense Power of 10

Thanks to makesense and its partners, 10% of the world’s youth are building a more inclusive and sustainable society.