makesense Global

What makes us makesense

To carry out our missions, we have our own way of doing things. Between the secret ingredient that gives life to our events, the viewpoint that we cultivate and hope to make shine, and the compass that sets our course, our values guide our actions every day. They are written differently for employees and members of our community, but in each case they encourage:

Real-life experiences

Frugality to preserve resources

The joy of taking
action together

The audacity to test and contribute

The curiosity to learn and understand

Kindness to create trust

Living our ambition

Because “charity begins at home”, we have decided to bring our ambition to design a more sustainable and inclusive society to life in our organization. In our offices, we prioritize re-use, sort our waste, limit packaging, cook on site, and make many things by hand. In France, our workspace is open to everyone, including homeless people who can have a coffee, chat and recharge their phones.

We apply the rules of compassionate communication, we encourage collaboration, initiative and fun in everything we do. We are not perfect (we can still make progress on the issues of inclusion and diversity) but we work every day to move our organization towards transition.

It is not about creating a perfect, utopian future, but one that recognizes the limits imposed by circumstances as opportunities to be seized, and responds to them with imagination and consideration so that everything ends well

Rob Hopkins