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Did you say impact?

At makesense, the search for impact has been both our vocation and driving force as well as one of our biggest challenges since our creation.

We want to empower everyone to act and mobilize those around them to ultimately make society more sustainable and inclusive. And has it worked? Over the last 10 years have we managed to push society into action, to change mentalities, to lead citizens on the path to change?

To evaluate the scope of our actions, we have initiated a process to measure our impact on citizens in France.

From baby steps
to the big leap

Concerned about ecological issues, Valentine was at a loss for what to do. Where to start? She started by the #AperoPaumées where, for two hours, she was able to share her doubts and discuss her questions with other people.

Reinvigorated, she joined a program of action that, in two months, has enabled her to guide her local neighborhood restaurant on the path towards zero waste. Now a seasoned campaigner, she brought together 20 residents from her neighborhood to set up a zero-waste, socially conscious canteen financed by her city’s participatory budget.

Always going further

The makesense model guides people from inaction to activism and gives everyone the means to invent new ways of doing and being. Our tools train people in the acquisition of skills related to societal transformation, from knowledge to know-how to soft skills, and are based on the reputed reference of the OECD Learning Compass. Thanks to makesense…


of the participants were convinced that it was possible to take action


found resources to take action


have adopted sustainable and inclusive practices


value the skills acquired in a professional setting


have begun a professional transition


created an impact entrepreneurship project

Mission accomplished?

75% of the people who have participated in makesense programs realize that it is possible to take action and want to get started. 36% are genuinely committed to taking action and 55% have mobilized an average of one to five people around them. Should we stop there? The movement has only just begun.

Our mission will be accomplished when there are enough people on the final step of involvement to move society into a new world—the so-called ‘tipping point’ specialists speak of.

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