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makesense contributes to the CECI project

CECI is a 3+1 years collaboration Interreg Europe project between eight partners from six European regions sharing a strong interest to exchange knowledge of services and citizen involvement in circular economy.

Région PACA  in France
Gouvernementd’Aragon in Spain
Mechelen municipalité in Belgium
Centre d’innovation de Moravie Silésie in Czech Republic
Association d’agences commerciales in Bulgaria
Conseil régional de Päijät-Häme in Finland
Université Lahti des sciences appliquées in Finland
Interreg Europe

How does it match our mission

We believe multi-stakeholder collaboration is key to building a more inclusive and sustainable society. Helping different regions better understand their common challenges and finetune their public policies to better involve citizens and bring stronger impact make sense to us.

It broadens the work we started 5 years ago to engage a wide community around circular economy. With our global campaign Future of waste we have organized more than 500 events and training, sourced 3000 projects, designed and shared more than 100 contents and allowed thousands of citizens, entrepreneurs, and organizations to connect, innovate and develop together projects around waste prevention, reuse and recycling.

How we will contribute?

Sharing our vision about citizen involvement:
We have been building local and interregional citizen communities for 10 years. We will share key principles and values we believe are necessary to build long lasting collaboration dynamics. 

Sharing skills on group facilitation
We will help organize and facilitate semestrial meetings between regional partners that will help them learn from each other but also from other stakeholders.

Sourcing good practices and designing contents
We will source and document different initiatives from Europe and the rest of the world to illustrate the full spectrum of tools and strategies involving citizen involvement and circular economy.

Listening our community
If you have an inspiring example you would like to share with us, we would love to know more about the policies, experiences and the theories you have heard of.